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Julia Grace

Live On Julia Grace...

Ladies In The Outdoors always does our best to "give back" each year. Our contest is a way that we can give back to organizations supportive of women and youth in the outdoors.  This year, we have chosen and dedicated our 2024 Ladies In The Outdoors Calendar to " The Julia Grace Foundation". We are humbled to honor Miss Julia Grace and her great love for the outdoors.

In a short time, she made such a huge difference and touched so many hearts and lives...she will forever continue to do just that.

“She was always giving,” J.P. said. “She always wanted to do something for someone no matter what it is.”

"It's heartwarming to announce that our 2024 Ladies In The Outdoors Calendar is dedicated to Miss Julia Grace and that a portion of its proceeds will go to "The Julia Grace Foundation" in her honor. She was an incredible person who made a positive impact on many lives. Her legacy will undoubtedly live on through our calendar and "The Julia Grace Foundation." - Ladies In The Outdoors

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