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Ladies In The Outdoors, Mazie Kibodeaux

The Story Behind the Photo:

Mazie Kibodeaux
Mazie Kibodeaux

Hi everyone! My name is Mazie Kibodeaux, I am 24 years old, and I grew up in a small area in South Louisiana called Forked Island. I am the fourth child out of five, and I come from a big family. Which means for my entire life they have been my biggest fans and a rock-solid support system. None of this would be possible without them. I lost my dad when I was four years old in a car accident, so I never got to experience that father and daughter outdoors activities. My outdoors life started when my mom met my stepdad, who enjoyed being on the water fishing. We were on the water all the time and enjoyed the camp life. Fishing became a way for us to bond, and that is how fishing became something I really enjoy doing. Being on the water with him made the emptiness in my heart disappear. Now that I think back on it, it was not about how many fish we caught but the memories that we made together. 

When I met my girlfriend in 2018, that was when I was introduced to duck hunting and every outdoor thing in between hunting and fishing. During our first year together, I would just go sit in the duck blind with her, watch her do what she loved and learn what duck hunting was all about. I had finally made the decision to purchase my first duck hunting license the following year so I would be able to hunt too. When I shot my first duck, I finally felt that feeling she felt when she was hunting and understood why she loved it so much. After that I would tag along when she would do anything that involved hunting and that is how I became stuck on hunting. I remember when I shot and cleaned my first hog, she was right there walking me through it all. Everything I have learned about hunting has come from her, which she learned throughout the years from her father. From getting the blind and pond setup to cleaning the ducks at the end of the hunt. Everything I was missing in life has finally been filled since I met my girlfriend who is also my best friend all in one. I will forever be thankful for her, our two dogs, and her family for showing me the ropes and for giving me this opportunity to live life in the outdoors. 

Hunting and fishing will forever hold a big place in my heart. That feeling of being in the duck blind, watching the ducks cup in on the decoys will never get old. Being on the water catching fish, feeling that pole bend, and hearing that line scream will never get old. These are the memories and the adventures I will remember forever! I am always waiting for my next hunting and fishing adventure; my bucket list is far from complete. Take those chances, make those memories, and remember to enjoy the little moments. Life is too short to not take the grand adventure.

Live, Laugh, Hunt, and Fish. 

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