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Ladies In The Outdoors, Shelia Connelly

The Story Behind the Photo:

Shelia Connelly
Shelia Connelly

I am from southeastern Kentucky where I was born with a love for hunting, hiking, fishing, kayaking, and the outdoors.

I began hunting over 45 years ago.  I was taught by my dad at a young age to shoot, hunt raccoons and squirrels, identify trees and edible plants, and to have a strong determination.  I met my husband while taking the Kentucky Hunters Education course where he was an instructor.  For several years I served as a committee member of the National Wild Turkey Federation and also as a chapter president of the NWTF's Women In The Outdoors.  

I am always eagerly awaiting my next outdoors adventure whether it is calling in a gobbler, kayaking down a calm river, hiking a mountain ridge or trying a new experience.  

Shelia Connelly

Whitesburg, KY

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