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Ladies In The Outdoors, Barb Adams

The Story Behind the Photo:

Barbara Adamas
Barb Adams

My name is Barb Adams and I live in Cherry Tree, PA, a small town in the corner of Clearfield, Indiana and Cambria Counties. It is a rural area where hunting and fishing are a tradition for most who live here. 

I grew up in a hunting, fishing and trapping family, so my love for the outdoors came naturally. I enjoy it all, but when I started archery hunting with a compound bow in 2009, that became my passion.  I still deer hunted occasionally with a rifle and turkey hunted each year but archery came instinctively to me. However, turkey hunting was a very different story. It was so much more of a challenge for me.  Everyone told me I had a “turkey jinx” and it went on for a very long time.  The day I broke the “jinx” is one hunt that I will never forget. When that big Gobbler dropped, I dropped onto my knees and cried like a baby. It really meant a lot to me and tears ran down my face with every turkey that I have harvested since. 

So even though archery hunting is my passion and I have a lot of deer harvests I could’ve submitted, I felt I needed to share this one. Just being in the woods is always time well spent but the accomplishment of a successful hunt is the ultimate satisfaction. 

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