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Ladies In The Outdoors, Pamela Woods

Updated: Feb 26

The Story Behind The Photo

Ladies In The Outdoors Contestant Pamela Woods
Pamela Woods

"The Story Behind The Photo"

2024 Ladies In The Outdoors Contestant, Pamela Woods

The 9 point buck I harvested in my picture has a lot of sentimental memories for me. I had been archery hunting almost every single day that fall and I never saw this particular buck before.

See, my Dad had passed away in May that year and he was always my mentor for hunting since I was raised the youngest of 5 older brothers. Me, being the only girl, I was included with the rest of my brothers to learn to hunt. My Dads birthday was always around the first day of rifle season so it was always a big deal in my family.

So, I was sitting in my tree stand the first day of rifle season and about 9:30 am as I'm realizing that tears are coming down my face from missing my Dad on what we considered, in our family, a family holiday. I asked out loud for my Dad to "please send me a buck!!!"

At 9:45 am that day I looked at a group of doe to my left and then decided to look back in front of me and there this buck stood approximately 30 yards broadside!!! I took my shot and he instantly leaped and took 10 steps and got his hoof stuck in a downed log and fell hitting his head against a tree and never moved from there. He had done himself in.

I instantly looked to the sky and said "Thank you, Dad, for sending him!" Not only did he send him to me, but also made sure I didn't need to track him or let him suffer. I miss my Dad everyday but especially during hunting season when a lot of great stories and memories were made.

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